I placed 2 magazine subscriptions for my son 5 months ago. I placed the order online using my Visa card.

They gladly took my money and no magazines ever arrived!!! Extremely disappointing!!! I have left countless voice messages and emails for the past 2 months and have never received a phone call back. In fact I have never spoken to a single person.

Getting a refund will be impossible!!! I am out $127.62. The publishing company of these magazines I ordered never received our order and apologized but can't do anything about it. Magazine City is a scam!!!

Took our order and ran with the money.

I was trying to do the right thing by ordering my son 2 educational magazines and got scammed out of $127.62. This sucks!!!

Monetary Loss: $128.

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I ordered magazines 4 months ago they sure don't mind taking your money but no magazines :(

Columbia, South Carolina, United States #694617

For your future info: never get a magazine sub from one of these companies. Always go direct with the publisher.

Safer and usually the same price if not cheaper. There is such a wide disparity for subscriptions among all of these plus you cannot really trust the magazine publisher, let alone some unknown company you selected from an internet search.

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